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Latest Project
JFK Air Force One Project
Currently on display at Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, TX

Misson Accomplished
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We are all proud to say the simulator is in the trust and care of the Ronald Reagan Foundation as part of the children's education program in the Air Force One Discovery Center. At this time the Discovery Center is only open to 5th thru 8th grade programs. We hope someday the Reagan Foundation will open a Discovery Center program for Adult too.
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SAM 28000 VC-25A
Our next and most ambitious dream project

We are presently researching ways to disassemble, transport and reconstruct the complete forward section of a Boeing 747 to make a replica of the current flying Whitehouse

Possible permanent exhibit locations:
(Future) George W. Bush Presidential Library - Dallas, TX :: William J. Clinton Presidential Library - Little Rock, AR :: George H.W. Bush Library & Museum - College Station, TX :: Air Force One Pavilion at Reagan Library - Simi Valley, CA

Simulator Delivered!

The Final Trip from Wichita to Simi Valley has been made.
Click Here to take a look at some pictures from the Road Trip.

Boeing Delivers BIG Time!
AFOS praises Boeing for its very generous $100,000 contribution in support of the Air Force One Simulator Project. The Boeing donation is significant because it completes a 3 year fund drive which nets the Reagan Foundation the first and only presidential themed 707 simulator.

AFOS continues as the simulator’s care handlers until it’s safely in the possession of the Reagan Library. Extensive planning is underway for the simulator to be transported to California early April 2007. The event entails a sendoff ceremony from Wichita, Kans. followed by a handover ceremony at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Air Force One Pavilion in Simi Valley, Calif.
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